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Favorite Sessions

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J.S. Ondara Larry Hirshowitz/KCRW hide caption

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Watch J.S. Ondara Perform 'Saying Goodbye' Live


J.S. Ondara's musical journey from Nairobi, Kenya to Minneapolis, Minn. is fascinating and impressive.

Watch Shame's full Morning Becomes Eclectic performance at KRCW.com Davis Bell/KCRW hide caption

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Watch Shame Perform 'Lampoon' Live In The Studio


British post-punk band Shame released its debut album, Songs of Praise, earlier this year. The band brought a full-throttle performance to the KCRW studio.

Watch Hozier's full Morning Becomes Eclectic performance at KCRW. Brian Lowe/KCRW hide caption

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Watch Hozier Perform 'Nina Cried Power' Live In The Studio


"It's not the song, it's the singing," Hozier proclaims on his latest EP. Listen to him deliver on both counts in this collaborative performance.

Watch DeVotchKa's full Morning Becomes Eclectic performance at KCRW.org. Elli Lauren/KCRW hide caption

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Watch DeVotchKa Perform 'Let Me Sleep' Live In The Studio


Listen to DeVotchKa's recent cinematic record, This Night Falls Forever, translated into a captivating live performance.

Kirby Stenger/KCRW

Watch Neil And Liam Finn Perform 'Better To Be'


They've been playing music together for many, many years, but father-son duo Neil and Liam Finn waited until the time was right to record a proper album together.

Lord Huron performs Apogee Studios in Santa Monica for KCRW Steven Dewall/KCRW hide caption

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Watch Lord Huron Perform 'Secret Of Life'


Lord Huron frontman Ben Schneider tapped into the magic of Los Angeles and the mysteries of life to find inspiration for the band's third album, Vide Noir.

A-WA performing at 2017 Pickathon Mark Stein /Pickathon hide caption

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Watch A-WA Perform 'Galbi Haway' Live At Pickathon


Pickathon is this weekend and what better way to get excited about it than watching last year's stellar performance by A-WA?